I. multinational mul‧ti‧na‧tion‧al 1 [ˌmʌltɪˈnæʆnəl◂] adjective
1. COMMERCE ORGANIZATIONS a multinational organization has offices, factories, activities etc in many different countries:

• Big multinational companies can earn huge profits.

• a multinational concern based in Vienna

• the rules for dealing with multinational banks

2. COMMERCE involving companies or people from several different countries:

• His access to world oil markets has been closed by a multinational embargo.

  [m0] II. multinational multinational 2 noun [countable] COMMERCE ORGANIZATIONS
a large company that has offices, factories, and business activities in many different countries:

• It can be very hard to compete with the multinationals.

• a marketing manager with a major Dutch multinational

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   A publicly-owned company that operates commercially in a number of countries outside its own base. Usually its activities in each country encompass all aspects of production of its goods or services. Such companies are often listed on more than one stock exchange or have shares available via depositary receipts.
   ► See also ADR.

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multinational UK US /ˌmʌltiˈnæʃənəl/ noun [C] (also multinational company, also multinational corporation) COMMERCE
a very large company that has offices, stores, etc. in many different countries but that is controlled from the country where it was started. A company with a quarter or more of its sales in other countries is considered to be a multinational: »

If multinationals become more important than governments, they can act as major forces of economic change.


a big/large/leading multinational

See Note COMPANY(Cf. ↑company)
multinational UK US /ˌmʌltiˈnæʃənəl/ adjective
COMMERCE a multinational organization is very large and has offices, stores, etc. in many diffferent countries: »

Over the years the firm has grown into a multinational organization with more than 200 affiliates in 17 countries.


a multinational business/bank/enterprise

relating to or involving several different countries: »

The joint venture will be undertaken by a multinational group of 41 countries.


multinational agreements

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